N 43° 22' - W 08° 23' 39"
(La Coruna)
La Coruna - Darsena Deportiva
also La Corogne

Published on 26 June 2006 - Updated on 13 April 2016

Charts IHM 412-412A-4126    Forecast area finisterre 
Approach   Harbour master Muelle Arzobispo Gelmírez, s/n, 15001 La Coruña
T: +34 981 914 142, F: +34 981 914 144 
by Day     Harbour VHF VHF 09 
by Night     Rescue  
Dangers     Forecast svces  
Lights Un feu vert et rouge balise l’entrée de la Dársena Deportiva, dont l’entrée a une ampleur de 40m. 
The Port
Access You can enter the port sailing down canal W or from Punta Herminio, between the Basuril rock (situated at under a mile 0520 from the Torre de Hercules and whose inferior shoal is of 7.5 m) and Punta Herminio. Canal E can also be recommended, found between the shoals known as Yacentes (situated 0.4 nm N of lower Basuril, at the 047º off the Torre de Hercules and 283º off the Punta del Seixo Branco) and the Puntas of Mera and Seixo Branco.
The first of these canals, the safest in heavy seas, is signalled with lit transits from Punta de Mera; and the second, the most dangerous with storms of the third or fourth quadrants, with those of Punta Fiateira.
Once the Basuril Reef and the Yacentes rocks have been overcome following either of the two canals, already inside the Ria and following the transits at Punta Fiateira, at 1nm to the true S of the opposition Torre de Hercules - Punta de Mera on starboard bow you will find the buoyed end of the Barrie de la Maza breakwater, which you will pass and sail beside leaving a 100 m separation at all moments. Once at the end of the Barrie de la Maza breakwater by the starboard quarter, you must set a course for 270º to go between San Anton Castle and the Centenario Dock. 
Description 350 berths 
Services Water, electricity, toilets (showers, WC)  Draught <5m 
Heavy svces Lift (32t). Repair, maintenance (.  Anchorage  
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Refueling Fuel
Big supermarket in town (not the "old town" but the modern one) at Mercado de San Augustin. Coming from the yacht harbour, after having followed the promenade, cross diagonally the great square of the palacio Municipal, and take the first street on the left. There is a small square with a closed market. They deliver free to the boat from 50E of buying. 
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Various svces Laundry
Restaurants (see La Coruna
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