N 42° 33' 45" - W 08° 59' 10"
ria de Arousa (La Coruna)
also Riveira

Published on 26 June 2006 - Updated on 27 August 2007

Charts IHM 926-9260-415-415B-4152
SHOM 5536, Navicarte BA-25
Admiralty 1768 
  Forecast area Ouest portugal 
Approach Harbour master C.N. Deportivo de Ribeira (Porto Deportivo, s/n - Apt.111), 15960 Ribeira
T: 981 874 739/981 875 330, F: 981 873 801 
by Day The Ria de Arousa is one of the most dangerous of Galicia due to many shallows.
Entrance into Arousa Estuary may be gained by way of two channels:
- The northern channel, the most dangerous, passes between Sálvora Island and Falcoeiro Point, clearing the shoals and islets off the islands of Sagres, Insuabela, Vionta and Centolleira. The channel is shallow and just 400m wide, making it extremely hazardous to travel at night or if you are not perfectly familiar with it.
- The other channel, the main waterway, runs between Sálvora Island and the Peninsula of O Grove and is 2 NM wide with a depth of 60 m. It is navigable under all circumstances and by any kind of vessel.
Once you are 1.2 NM E of Figueiriño Point on Sálvora Island, keep sailing northwards, passing the Sinal do Castro beacons that mark the shoals on the port side until you sight the red light marking Insua de Santa Uxía Rock - about 200 m E of the harbour breakwater - and the beacon on the breakwater itself. 
Harbour VHF VHF 9 
by Night Coming from the North, follow the Corrubedo lighthouse staying 4M away to avoid the shallows of Bajos de Corrubedo and Pragueiro bank. It is then advised to sail between the S’Alvora island and Grove peninsula. Keeping the light of S’Alvora island on the left, and the Green light of the Pombeirino shallow on the right, sail North with on the left the Red light of Sinal do Castro buoy. One comes then to the Red light of Llagareos de Tierra shallow and the Santa Uxia de Ribeira breakwater light.  Rescue  
Dangers Intense traffic of fishboats between 4h and 6h and 19h-20h.  Forecast svces  
Lights Corrubedo lighthouse: F3é2é R 20s 30m 15M
S’Alvora island: F3é1é W20s F3é W 20s 40m 21M
Pombeirino shallow: F2é G 12s 15m 8M
Sinal do Castro: Fé R 5s
Llagareos de Tierra: Fsc R 8m 4M 
The Port
Access The Ribeira Yacht Club is located on the W coast of Arousa Estuary, 2 NM NW of Rúa Island, between Pativa Point and Grades Cliff. The yacht Club is in the South of the harbour. 
Description 210 berths, 42 for visitors 
Draught <3-4m 
Services Water, electricity, toilets (showers, WC) 
Heavy svces Crane (5t) 
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Refueling Fuel
Hiring svces  
Various svces  
Setting   Tourism