N 51° 38' 17" - W 09° 49' 17"
Bere island (co. Cork)
Lawrence Cove

Published on 3 June 2007 - Updated on 3 June 2007
by ADB

Charts     Forecast area fastnet 
Approach Harbour master Bere Island, Co.Cork, Ireland
T: 353(0)27 75044, F: 353(0)27 75044 
by Day   Harbour VHF  
by Night   Rescue  
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The Port
Access North coast of Bere Island 
Description 90 m pontoon. 
Anchorage Good shelter. 
Services Water & Electricity available on the marina, Showers and toilets 
Heavy svces Slip, dry dock facility, antifouling & Power-washing carried out by marina staff. Wintering. 
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Refueling Diesel 
Hiring svces  
Various svces Laundrette 
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